Not only heavy!

I drink a lot of wine. (Responsibly of course!) Sometimes for business sometimes for pleasure.I don't often get excited by a drop as there are so many beautiful wines to indulge in. However, last week I made a discovery worth getting excited about!He

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Winter Is Coming

Winter is Coming!Well, winter is well and truly here. You kind of know by a few things! 1. Cold mornings bring a snap of fresh air, yet the tradies and school kids still insist on wearing shorts.2. State of Origin becomes all the hype for a few weeks

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Lounge and Sip slow!

Alcohol delivery has become the hottest freshest trend in Sydney and Melbourne over the last 12 months.Just as "Dougie" the Pizza guy, was an omniscient figure and took a tip from his Dad to "work hard and be good to your mother", the guys at Buy Boo

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