Not only heavy!

I drink a lot of wine. (Responsibly of course!) Sometimes for business sometimes for pleasure.

I don't often get excited by a drop as there are so many beautiful wines to indulge in. However, last week I made a discovery worth getting excited about!

Helen and Joey Vineyard is from Yarra Valley in Victoria.

A 34-hectare plot of land in a cool climate region of Australia allows for a production of outstanding grapes in particular cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay and pinot noir.

So I indulged, with some reservation, in a Cabernet Sauvignon from Yarra Valley. I was expecting a tame, weak and maybe a little underwhelming drop.

What I got was something completely different.

A complex mix of mulberry, cherry and vanilla with a viscosity and great texture. It was smooth and luscious, elegant and restrained and perfumed perfectly enhancing every sip.

At the end of the bottle, I was left wanting more. P.S I shared the bottle with my wife after a long day; and for me, that is an indication of a great bottle of wine!

How easy was it to share, and could you comfortably have another glass after there is no more?

Yes on both accounts.

So I dug a little deeper, it turns out the winemaker did her craft in France, spent a fair amount of time in Chile and perfected her craft in Australia, at Helen and Joeys. To make the distinction even clearer the winemaker is Australias First female Master Winemaker! What an accolade; and then it all fell into place. The delicate balance, the poise and flavour can only come from a caring female nature and they are all reflected in this great youthful wine.

Something tells me she'll be holding a Masterclass at The Lane wine bar very soon!

The best part of the lot is the wine is very much underpriced. At $21.00 per bottle, this is a bargain and a steal.

you can get it at or your local independent bottlo!

Until the next glass!