Lounge and Sip slow!

Alcohol delivery has become the hottest freshest trend in Sydney and Melbourne over the last 12 months.

Just as "Dougie" the Pizza guy, was an omniscient figure and took a tip from his Dad to "work hard and be good to your mother", the guys at Buy Booze decided to do the same.

Backed by Empty glass Wine Cellars; their extensive range of smaller, sustainable ethically sourced and independent winemakers, brewers and distillers, Buy Booze is on a serious path to make premium and high-quality alcohol accessible and affordable, with the added convenience of being in your hand within the hour!

So by the time, pizza your Menulog or Uber Eats, comes through so should your wine, your crafty beer or some seriously good whiskey and gin!

The guys at Buy Booze won't and don't deliver anything under 91pts in the wine portfolio. The wines range from Hunter Valley, S.A, Victoria and Tassie and W.A, through to the big hitters and iconic badlands of Bordeaux, Andalonian Riojas, Tuscan Montepulciano, and over the Atlantic to the new world of Patagonia and Mendoza in Argentina...

The beers and spirits are of the highest quality of serious small distillers and brewers. You'll find the Sydney's Marrickville gems Yulli's range, Tasmania's pristine Hartshorn Vodka, or the delicious Applewood Gin from Adelaide Hills.

So if unexpected guests drop in or you just really feel like finishing off the Game of Thrones, with a glass of wine or 3, (maybe out of the same Chalice Cersei drinks from) this becomes an invaluable resource! Great booze at your fingertips!

To make matters even easier, the guys at Buy Booze have partnered up with a few Tech wiz guys from Melbourne, who provide a bunch of useful stuff. You will get a notification when your order is leaving the store, usually within 5 minutes, track the driver as they arrive on your phone, get a notification that they will be there within 5 mins, and also leave feedback on the experience.

Ah, the amount of many times we all run out of booze, but either couldn't go down to our local bottlo or it was shut too early...

The great thing is these guys are open until 10 every day and 9 pm Sunday and will deliver to your door immediately!

So problems solved! Get our booze, that tastes great and is exceptional value every time, don't leave the couch and share with friends. All whilst watching Cercei plot and twist the next move.

At least I don't have to wait until 2019 for my wine!