Get Me my Wine!

"It's Friday night, so granted, I imagine Pizza Hut is probably pretty busy right now.However, let's say I live 6 minutes from them. I ordered the pizza one hour and ten minutes ago, and the estimated delivery time was about one hour. Am I just being impatient? How long are you willing to wait? If you wait for longer than you think you should, does it effect your tip? Do you ever call to check on the status of an order? I'm bored and hungry and waiting for my food. To answer the questions I asked...waiting isn't going to effect the tip, still going to give the amount I was planning on. If it goes to being an hour and a half I may get annoyed and call. And yes, I'm probably being impatient :) Just frustrated because I live so close and I didn't want to go into the cold. I could be eating by now. ETA: I don't know why I keep saying and telling myself I ordered pizza when it was technically wings."

This was a online rant a mere 3 years ago. For the better part of 3 decades we have been used to having pizzas delivered instantly and we were hungry, so happy to wait for the instant hit of carb goodness and cheesy indulgence in every bite. 

If you were lucky enough you'd have a bottle of wine or a six pack of beer to go with it. If not water would do, or a bottle of coke for 5 bucks.

So at Buybooze it got us thinking. Why not have a alcohol delivery service in Sydney that can get you that great red wine delivered before your pizza comes in? Worse yet, friends came over and you ran out of bubbles and beer!

Why not click click and get it over instantly? Who would do such wonderful service? 

After a bunch of hurdles in NSW we needed to get over, we thought lets give it a go! We have the wine stores to keep us filled and people satisfied! 

Buy Booze is now ready to go and in partnership with a bunch of delivery services to bring you your booze right away.

Want a six pack? Or a case? how about half a dozen of mixed wines? Champagnes?

Let buy booze bring it over immediately.

ETA: Mmmmmmmediately. So if I can wait for my pizza I'll wait for my pinot!

click here and we can get you your booze IMMEDIATELY!